Warming up your car in cold weather is actually illegal

Although the winter has been generally mild, nighttime and morning temperatures have steadily dropped to 30 and 40 degrees.

Those cold mornings might prompt some to warm up the car before setting off. But if you have a habit of leaving it unattended in the aisle, you might want to think twice before continuing this practice.

Leaving your car running is a crime

Like many older people, I was taught to warm up your car engine on a cold morning before driving off. Come find out, doing so is a crime and could result in a citation.

Wait, wow ?!

Okay, I’m a little too dramatic when I say it’s a crime. Yes, it is illegal, but it is only against the law if you start your car and leave it unattended. According to the Texas Transportation Code:

An operator cannot leave a vehicle unattended without: (1) stopping the engine; (2) lock the ignition; (3) remove the key from the ignition; (4) apply the parking brake effectively; and (5) if standing on a slope, turn the front wheels to the curb or side of the road.

Getting caught with an unattended vehicle driving for any season or reason is a Class C offense that could result in a fine of up to $ 500.

There is one exception

The main purpose of the law is to prevent car theft, as an unattended and unlocked moving vehicle is an easy target for opportunistic bad guys. However, all is well if your vehicle uses some kind of push button, keyless start system and you are in possession of the FOB key that allows mobile entry.

Should I leave my car running in cold weather?

As for the warming up or not warming up debate, unless you’re riding a late Chevy model, mechanics say it’s not necessary in this modern age of fuel injection and computers. on board. The old thought that you should let your car idle in cold weather is only true for carbureted engines.

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