TUCP Files Request for P430 Wage Rise for C. Visayas Workers

WAGE INCREASE. TUCP party list representative Raymond Democrito Mendoza (second from right) made a point during a press conference before the group filed a request for a salary increase of PHP 430 before the Regional Tripartite Wages Council and Productivity of the Central Visayas, Monday, March 21, 2022). Mendoza said the last PHP18 raise was granted in 2019. (ANP photo by John Rey Saavedra)

CEBU CITY – The Trades Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) on Monday filed a petition before the Regional Wages and Productivity Board-Central Visayas (RTWPB-7) for a PHP 430 increase in the daily minimum wage in the four provinces of the region .

In its eight-page petition, the group called on RTWPB-7 to grant the raise for all private sector workers, citing that its last petition was filed in 2019. The grant, which took effect Jan. 5 2020 only granted a PHP18. increase in the minimum wage.

Raymond Democrito Mendoza, President of TUCP and representative of the TUCP party list, said in the petition that “the small increase in PHP18 has long been dissipated by the high costs of basic goods and services, even before it could be felt by minimum wage earners”.

Mendoza said the purchasing power of the current minimum wage at PHP 404, based on government figures, is only PHP 371.32.

“With government imposed deductions, the nominal net wage for minimum wage earners in Region 7 is PHP 371.69 per day with purchasing power of only PHP 341.63,” he said. .

The leader of the trade union group cited the current inflation caused by increases in oil prices caused by the crisis between Ukraine and Russia, which has created a ripple effect on the wage-dependent labor sector.

The petition also states that minimum wage earners have suffered the most from “the rising cost of living and the imposition of the TRAIN law (tax reform for acceleration and inclusion) and the impact economic impact of Typhoon Odette in December 2021.

He also cited the Philippine Statistics Authority study which showed that the per capita poverty line in the Central Visayas in the first half of 2021 was set at PHP 16,295, compared to the current monthly minimum wage of PHP 10,504. , with a purchasing power of PHP9,654.41.

Eva Arcos, National Vice President and Resident Economist of the TUCP, explained at a press conference before the petition was filed that with the food threshold of PHP 6,749 compared to the current net salary of PHP 9,663.94 , the estimated budget for a meal per person in a family of five would be around PHP15, which is well below the ideal cost of a meal per person of PHP61.17, based on the “Pinggang Pinoy” model ( Philippine plate) of the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

“Our workers and their families deserve to live and live with dignity. They need wage adjustments now, otherwise they will continue to live in poverty. As a civilized society, we cannot and must not perpetuate the miserable conditions of our workers and their families,” Mendoza said in a separate statement.

He said the timely increase in wages will solve the malnutrition and impending hunger of workers and their families. “We are fighting for a wage adjustment that will also cover the rising costs of non-food items that are also necessary for the daily life of our workers and their families,” he added. (NAP)

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