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The following is a transcript of an interview with Tripadvisor CEO Stephen Kaufer, which aired Sunday, July 5, 2020 on “Face the Nation”. MARGARET BRENNAN: Summer travel seems to be a whole different thing this season. Quick trips on the street, visits to national parks or, for some, no trips at all. To see how fascinated people are with travel, we all know you’re at least fascinated by it, Tripadvisor CEO Stephen Kaufer is joining us this morning from his home in Newton, MA. Hello to you. STEPHEN KAUFER, CEO of TRIPADVISOR: Hello to you. MARGARET BRENNAN: So the trip was supposed to resume gradually this summer. Now, we have these points in the south and in the west. What does it do to the clients you monitor? KAUFER: Yeah. So if you look at the site visitors on our website, every month we have hundreds of thousands of vacationers on Tripadvisor. Take a look at the highest searches and I feel like 5 or 6 of the 10 highest a few weeks ago were all fantastic southern beaches. Texas, Arizona, Florida, great places to go, but that has changed. Everyone is moving mostly north, away from all of those scorching hot spots, which is quite understandable, given the protective considerations 9 in 10 vacationers tell us are the most essential. MARGARET BRENNAN: We hear the chair derive from this concept of giving a possible tax credit. score to Individuals if they take a trip. We don’t know if Congress will do that. But I wonder in the world of travel, if you think or bet on this need? KAUFER: I think everyone in the travel business is actually really involved in this setback that we’ve now seen in the United States and what’s best for the travel business, at least in my opinion, is to bring the pandemic under control. And it’s not a tax credit for someone taking a trip. It’s really about the management of our federal authorities, state governments, aboriginal governments, all telling people to do the essential things that everyone needs to do to keep us all safe. This is what it takes to relaunch the trip to this country. MARGARET BRENNAN: And security is the number one priority that you see among customers who need to travel and book something online now? I mean, how do you deliver that to someone on the other end of a computer screen? KAUFER: Of course, so we asked. We asked a whole group or thousands of people they usually mentioned, 9 out of 10 mentioned that safety is a very important factor they look for when planning that next trip. So we came out as Tripadvisor, just like the # 1 travel arrangement company, and said, how can we help our vacationers really understand the main points about what makes a lodge or restaurant or problems to do are safe for them? So we went to all the businesses, eight million plus businesses on our website and said, come tell us, come on to all the viewers that are on our website, whatever you do as a company to help keep your friends safe. And this morning, nearly 50,000 completely different companies have already uploaded data. And that was just a program that was launched last week, so we’re relying on many, many more. MARGARET BRENNAN: We all know American airlines go to the federal government for emergency help. We noticed new phrases just traded this week. And I wonder if you see people having the arrogance to go and buy a plane ticket several months later. Are they sure that the airline will not go bankrupt? KAUFER: I don’t think they fear the bankruptcy of Airways, but they continue to look after their welfare. And to the point that the whole nation can come collectively, as much of Europe has done, and make a concerted effort to deal with everyone safely – do whatever they want to make sure everyone world feels safe once they travel – MARGARET BRENNAN: what’s that – what’s in it? Does this mean that masks are some sort of magic bullet for a business to offer confidence? Does it involve face shields? Does that imply anything in particular, like how do you really believe in the protective measure? KAUFER: Personally, I’m a lot less worried about getting on a plane if I have a mask, and I know that every different passenger wears their mask. It might make me personally feel safe going to a place if that place just isn’t a coronavirus hotspot now. So once again, with the suggestions of the authorities, with our president, with all the leaders of the country saying that this is what every American of every political persuasion should do, I think this will be a great option to actually serve. to start – start the model drop in the instances. If you look at what Massachusetts is doing. We now have a science-led Republican governor Charlie Baker planning to open the state after we’ve clearly dealt with the— MARGARET BRENNAN: Yeah. KAUFER: – coronavirus, dropping in a whole lot now and it’s opening very slowly. MARGARET BRENNAN: OK. Okay, we’ll see. Thank you very much, Stephen Kaufer from Tripadvisor. We will be correct again.

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