The mortgage shakes! Meet the lenders taking on the big banks in 2021

Australian borrowers looking for lower rates, faster approval processes and flexible loan terms are seriously deserting the big banks for more competitive lenders. But with so many different options available, which competing lenders really stand out from the crowd?

Aussie-owned is en masse for bank borrowers who are fed up with ultra-low interest rates, hassle-free online apps, and 30-day settlements. Meanwhile, digital lenders Athena and Nano are rocking the market with zero fees and refinance rates below 2.00%.

For borrowers who aren’t quite ready to switch to a non-bank lender, rival bank Macquarie is proving a popular alternative to the Big 4s, thanks to recent rate cuts and a focus on the customer making their loans. even more competitive real estate.

“A lot of people want to leave the big banks and are surprised to find out how easy it is to refinance and the great deals that exist with online lenders,” says Managing Director Marie Mortimer.

So if you’re looking for a more flexible way to borrow at a low rate that could save you thousands of dollars, read on for our expert rundown of the best home loans these digital dynamos have to offer….

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