The government is committed to the health, safety and well-being of workers: Santosh Gangwar

The government is committed to the health, safety and well-being of workers: Santosh Gangwar

New Delhi, June 19 (KNN) Minister of Labor and Employment Santosh Gangwar said the government is committed to the health, safety and welfare of workers.

By publishing brochures, crafting a series of measures for the well-being of workers and their families during the pandemic here on Friday, he said, our effort is to ensure that the facilities reach the people for whom they have been formulated.

The minister said the government was aware of the evolving situation in the context of the pandemic.

“The ministry would continue, if necessary, to go the extra miles in a resilient and responsive manner to protect the health and lives of workers and their families, while protecting them from hardship in these difficult times,” he said. he adds.

The minister said the ministry has broadened, broadened and improved social security benefits for workers without any additional financial obligations for employers. Social security provisions under the ESIC and EPFO ​​schemes are now much more flexible and aim to address the fear and anxiety of workers regarding the health and life of their family members, including them. themselves, due to the increase in transmissivity and deaths related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Under EPFO’s Employee Deposit Insurance Scheme (EDLI), all surviving dependent family members of this scheme are eligible for EDLI benefits in the event of death in harness. of the member. Currently, under this scheme, the benefits granted in the event of the death of a worker are: – no minimum service requirement for payment of the bonus; payment of a family pension in accordance with the provisions of the EPF and MP Act, payment of sickness benefit of 70 percent of the salary for 91 days per year in the event of the worker’s illness and inability to come to the office.

In addition, under the ESIC, after the death or disability of the insured (IP) due to an accident at work, a pension equivalent to 90 percent of the average daily wage received by the worker is available. for the spouse and the widowed mother for life and for the children until they reach the age of 25 years.

“For the girl, the allowance is available until her marriage,” he added.

He further stated that in order to support families of insured persons (PIs) under the ESIC scheme, it was decided that all dependent family members of PIs who have been registered on the ESIC online portal before their diagnosis of COVID disease and in the event of death following the disease will be entitled to the same benefits and the same scale as those received by the dependents of insured persons who died as a result of an industrial accident, subject to the conditions of following eligibility:

a. The PI must have been registered on the ESIC online portal at least three months prior to the diagnosis of the COVID disease causing death.

b. The PI must have been employed for wages and contributions for at least 78 days should have been paid or payable under the deceased PI within the one year period immediately preceding the diagnosis of the COVID-19 disease causing the death .

For PAs who meet the eligibility conditions and have died from COVID-19 disease, their dependents will be entitled to a monthly payment corresponding to 90% of the insured’s average daily salary over their lifetime. The spouse of the deceased worker is also entitled to medical care for a nominal contribution of Rs 120 per year. The plan also covers COVID-19-related deaths occurring within 30 days of recovery from COVID-19.

The scheme will be effective for a period of two years from 03.24.2020.

Gangwar also said the grievances would be resolved within 15 days for ESIC and less than 7 days for EPFO.

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