Thanos Returns to Fortnite: How to Get Skin & Back for Free

Supervillain Thanos is back Fortnite again, this time in the form of a new tournament open to all players. Called the Thanos Cup, this new non-cash tournament will give players the chance to unlock the Thanos skin and associated bling back for free. You will need a partner to participate as the Thanos Cup is only a duo.

Thanos has made several appearances in Fortnite in seasons past, including the big crossover where players could take control of the supervillain and use it to slaughter hordes of opponents. With the Thanos Cup, players who had not yet acquired the skin, which is based on the Avengers: Endgame movie, will be able to unlock it for free.

The outfit is also offered alongside the character’s Back Bling, and the character will arrive in the Battle Royale game item store for anyone to purchase. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen a skin arrive early as a reward for a new challenge, and it looks like Epic will stick to the same kind of gameplay structure we’ve seen with, for example, its previous Galaxy skin.

Thanos Cup will be held on 21st of June. Players wishing to participate will need to obtain a Duos partner and play up to 10 matches over a three hour period. Each match will earn points for the team’s total, with the number of points awarded based on factors such as how many kills players get and whether they get any Victory Royales.

If you earn at least eight points in total, which will be as easy as playing eight matches, you will get the Thanos Watches Spray. The rank you need to achieve to get the Thanos outfit will depend on your server’s region. For example, players in the North America Server region will need to score between 1 and 1,575 to get the outfit.

Full tournament rules and the Thanos Cup points guide are available on the Epic website. here.

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