Shobhaa From | Will Dishy Rishi end up as India’s damaad at No.10?

Even if Dishy Rishi goes to 10 Downing Street, please remember… technically he’s not one of us!

Calm down, my friends… even if Dishy Rishi arrives at 10 Downing Street, please remember… technically, he’s not one of us! He’s a Brit! As much as we would like to own it, make it our own, claim it as a dyed-in-the-wool Bharatwasi, hit the pause button right now… It looks like us, it behaves like us, and maybe it even eats like us, sucking khaana with his fingers on a thaali (highly dubious), but he’s definitely not an “Indian” from any angle. At best, we can call it our damaad Angrezi. And have fun being the sambandhis of the Prime Minister of Great Britain! Down ! No more no less! Typical desi mentality, na? Someone goes on to achieve something big, get famous, get rich, get powerful – and thousands of Indians come out of nowhere and make a claim. “Oh – apna Rishi? Arrey bhai, my wife’s aunt has cousins ​​who were neighbors of her family in an African country…forgot which one. Someone else will add, “Not possible, ji…my grand- Sunakji’s parents and grandparents were born in the same hospital in Punjab…” A third will intervene: “You are all wrong… My nephew has already bought tablets from Sunakji’s mother dawa ki dukaan in Africa. Africans, but they look like Indians. That’s us!

Sab jantah walas, who cares about the truth… dekho, how mean we are to poor Sushmita Sen and Lalit Modi. The thing is… we can’t handle other people’s happiness. Otherwise, why are we looking for these two lovebirds enjoying their new pyaar-vyaar? If Lalit gets gussa when he’s called a fugitive, that’s understandable. He’s a genius born with a diamond spoon in his mouth, as he so subtly stated in his tweet. Who can deny that he made millionaires out of the poor with the IPL brand he created? The man is enjoying a much needed pyaar mohabbat… leave him alone to relax on his yacht. As for Ms. Sen, she is a proud self-made single mother. Be careful, she doesn’t need gold, she’s not a gold digger. She prefers stones — and she buys her own diamonds, theek hai?

Right now, Rishi is the Rockstar. And there are enough reasons why we in India can’t seem to get enough of Rishi Baba. Like Elvis, BoJo left the building. In style…with a playful “Hasta La Vista, Baby…!” It was BoJo who accused his dashing former colleague of leading the uprising against him, prompting Boris to launch his ‘Anyone but Rishi’ campaign. Through all the turmoil and speculation, the walas sasuraal of Rishi Baba kept a dignified silence, with no statement coming out of Narayana or Sudha Murthy – the billionaire parents of Rishi Baba’s wife, Akshita. The same people who hadn’t jumped for joy when the two wanted to get married after falling in love at Stanford. Seeing how determined the beti was, the disappointed parents graciously accepted the jodi and a charming traditional shaadi followed… Akshita (an estimated net worth of $3.1 billion) tried her hand at a few freelance business ventures, including understood a fashion brand, which did not take off. But, given her stake in Dad’s empire, it wasn’t about making enough money to pay the grocery bills. It’s a shame that her staggering wealth is being used to whip her husband with allegations of financial irregularities that involve tax evasion…well, all of which have been convincingly addressed and clarified. Again, it’s a matter of paisa and people’s unease with those who have piles of lollipops – as if that automatically makes them criminals. Our desire to induce a guilt complex in those with unimaginable wealth is truly pathetic. We continue to glorify poverty — even though no Indian wants to be poor…or should be poor!

When it comes to money, the only valid question to ask is: how was it made? Were the means dishonest? If the answer to this question is a resounding “No”, we have to accept that the money was earned legitimately, through hard work, shrewd business strategy and pure genius. Why not celebrate the incredible global success of Infosys and be proud that Rishi Sunak is married into such an exceptional family?

Akshita Sunak, the wife of Britain’s possible future prime minister, recently served chai to journalists, like any well-educated Indian bahu who handles mehmaan. But would critics appreciate his gesture? Naaah! They were busy snapping photos of the expensive designer mugs on set, insisting that the price of one mug could feed two families. Absurdity. These little jokes! Cups are cups. The “cup” of a good Prime Minister must look good. These are basics, man. Would Rishi’s faithful wife have done better in the popularity ratings if she served masala chai or kaapi in stainless steel cups? Rishi’s problem is neither his very wealthy wife nor his brain power. It’s the color of his skin. With all the talk of racial neutrality, the beards are always hovering around “10 Browning Street.” The Browns retaliate against the empire. That’s it!

The other contestant is as much of a hottie as Rishi. Like BoJo, she is blonde. And smart. Liz Truss is blessed with great credentials and has proven her debating skills with a well-documented attack on rivals who haven’t stooped to despicable levels like some of the other despos. Rishi Baba remained civil and took the required blows when needed, while staunchly defending the wife and in-laws, emphasizing the humble roots of the Murthys, while emphasizing that he was immensely proud of them. Well done, Rishi Baba! We like our damaads to publicly demonstrate their commitment to family…much like Ranveer Singh’s exaggerated declarations of love to the dark Padukones.

I was with a creepy and brilliant NRI (41) who was in Oxford around the same time as Rishi Baba. He was visiting his fiery mother-in-law after a four-year hiatus. She greeted him happily, saying, “You’re such a failure, boy!” If you had tried a little harder, it could have been you, not Rishi, occupying 10 Downing Street, and I could have boasted that my son-in-law was Prime Minister of Britain…”

Don’t forget… It’s about loving your family… Rishi is family, okay?

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