Rectosim Inc. is a modern company from the Financial Technologies sector, where one of the main products is online payday loan. The lender’s activities are focused on complete customer satisfaction, which is why the company is constantly trying to develop its structures.

Rectosim – loan offer

Rectosim - loan offer

Rectosim clients have two types of loans at their disposal. People who need a relatively small amount for a short period can choose payday loans online. It is allocated for a period of 15 to 30 days. The customer himself sets the amount of the commitment, but it must be in the range of PLN 100-3000. How much can you borrow the first time? At Rectosim, all borrowers are treated on the same terms, which is why the first application can be up to the maximum amount.

Rectosim Plus

People who prefer to spread their debts over a longer period of time can take advantage of the installment loan offer. Rectosim gives up to 24 months to pay its liabilities. The minimum loan period is 3 months. The borrower can apply for financing from 500 to even 5000 PLN. The monthly installment amount helps to calculate a convenient installment calculator on the Rectosim Plus offer page. Comparison of the lender’s offer with other companies facilitates the ranking of installment loans.

Creddisimo momentum

In the case of Rectosim payday loan taken for 30 days, the Real Annual Interest Rate on the loan is 1500.94%. The total cost of payday loans over the internet consists of interest and commission charged by the lender. All costs are listed before submitting the application, there are no hidden fees. To apply for additional cash at Rectosim, you must be at least 21 years old and have an ID card. You also need an online bank account.

What are the inference rules at Rectosim?

What are the inference rules at Rectosim?

Rectosim is a modern company with a strong technological base, which is to facilitate the life of the client. Therefore, applying for an online loan has been maximally simplified. To get quick cash at Rectosim, just 4 steps:

  • use the sliders on the home page to select the loan amount and loan period;
  • later it remains to fill out a short online form;
  • the verification process may take several minutes;
  • after positive consideration of the application, the money is transferred to the account.

The lender does not require any verification transfers. Rectosim uses a modern, integrated service – Kontomatik. Thanks to it, the institution is able to quickly confirm the compliance of a bank account with the data provided by the borrower. Cauntaumatic also makes it easier to determine your creditworthiness.

What requirements does Rectosim set?

What requirements does Rectosim set?

The loan company Rectosim strives to build partner relationships with its clients. For this reason, the institution places great emphasis on trust in the borrower. The evidence is a very simplified application process and requirements that must be met to get a loan. Rectosim only expects from its clients that:

  1. they are at least 21 years old,
  2. are Polish citizens,
  3. have an ID card
  4. they set up an online bank account,
  5. they are not listed as debtors in BIG databases.