Prince Christian of Denmark, son of Princess Mary and Prince Frederik, identified with COVID-19

Prince Christian of Denmark, the eldest son of Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark, has examined optimistic for COVID-19[female[feminine.

The Danish royal family confirmed the news on Monday local time after being told of an outbreak at their school.

“The Crown Prince and the Crown Princess were informed yesterday, Sunday December 6, 2020, of a local outbreak of COVID-19 at Tranegårdskolen in Hellerup,” he said in a statement.

“Prince Christian then tested positive for COVID-19.”

Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark with Prince Christian of Denmark, Princess Isabelle of Denmark, Prince Vincent of Denmark and Princess Josephine of Denmark. Credit: Patrick van Katwijk/Getty Images Europe

It is understood that the 15-year-old, second to the throne, is currently self-isolating in Frederik VIII’s palace in Amalienborg.

He has not been in contact with other members of the royal family except for his parents and siblings – Princess Isabella of Denmark, Prince Vincent of Denmark and Princess Josephine of Denmark.

Her immediate family will be tested and will remain isolated until she is released.

It is not known if Christian or any other family member is showing symptoms.

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