Prime Minister could ease some of the pain at the pump, says MP Clovechok – Kimberley Daily Bulletin

Columbia River Revelstoke MPP Doug Clovechok says he’s been getting call after call from constituents about the rising price of everything, including gas. And he’s frustrated because he says Prime Minister John Horgan could provide relief to consumers at the pumps, but chooses to do nothing.

Petrol prices jumped to $1.82.9 in Kimberley last week, the highest on record. Prices in Vancouver were over $2 a litre.

Clovechok mentions other provinces, such as Alberta, where the government is reducing some gasoline taxes.

He says that while there’s no question the war in Ukraine is affecting gas prices, there are things Premier Horgan could do, including offering direct relief.

He points out that gasoline prices in British Columbia were already the highest in North America before the war pushed prices up.

And he says the Prime Minister controls 54 cents of every liter of gasoline in taxes.

“But instead, he said, we have a great public transport system, take the bus. It’s completely deaf to rural British Columbia. We don’t have that kind of bus service,” Clovechok said.

And with another carbon tax hike coming, Clovechok says British Columbians can’t afford any more.

Clovechok said the BC Liberals introduced the gas tax in 2008 with carbon neutrality, which meant the rebates went to consumers. But the NDP changed that and now the tax goes to general revenue, which it says makes no sense.

“This government tells us that it will make life more affordable, but then refuses to do so. Kevin Falcon would consider reducing gasoline taxes and bringing carbon neutrality to the gas tax. John Horgan says everything is on the table, but no, the only thing on the table is more taxes. Three new taxes in the last budget.

“People can’t afford it. The NDP does not make decisions with people in mind, especially rural people.

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