New Kentucky Mail Driver’s License Renewal Option

I’m saying the more we can renew our driver’s licenses the better.


Last year I would have LOVED the ‘Jetsons’ option … you know, where you push a button, enter all the relevant information and pull out your driver’s license? In November 2020, the day before my move, I had a severe attack of gout AND I lost my license. Since I might need a photo ID in emergency care, I flew downtown (not an option anymore – we’ll talk more about this) late), I paid the fee and got the license.

I don’t like days like this. And, yes, the “presto-change-o” method of exiting a distributor license is probably far in the future. But the MAIL-IN renewal in Kentucky is not. It’s here.


Governor Andy Beshear has announced that the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is launching the renewal of the license by mail effective October 1, when details on HOW to use the program by mail will be released. Now there was a postal option offered in 2020 due to the pandemic, but it was sort of put in place out of necessity. Beshear says this program will be more permanent and effective.

Online renewal began in the summer and new availability by mail is another step in making sure your driver’s license renewal is easy and smooth.


Of course, you can always renew your driver’s license in person. You can no longer go to the downtown Owensboro Clerk’s office to do this. The new regional licensing office on Highway 81 – which will also serve Hancock and Ohio counties – is the new location for license renewals.

And from October 1, the US Post will be too.

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