Live UK policy updates: Johnson’s vote result revealed at 9pm as opposition to PM mounts

Nadine Dorries at the Platinum Pageant in London on Sunday. Britain’s Culture Secretary has accused former Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt of trying to ‘destabilize’ the country ©Getty Images

UK Culture Secretary Nadine Dorries has turned on former Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt after calling on fellow Tories to impeach the Prime Minister.

Hunt, who was foreign secretary under former Prime Minister Theresa May, said the Conservative Party was set to lose the next general election if it continued under Boris Johnson.

“We are not giving the British people the leadership they deserve,” he said on Twitter. “We don’t offer the integrity, skill and vision needed to unlock our country’s enormous potential.”

But Dorries, who is a Johnson loyalist, accused Hunt of trying to destabilize the country in order to pursue the top job himself. Hunt lost to Johnson in a leadership contest in 2019.

Tory MPs will decide on Monday night whether to retain Johnson as party leader and prime minister.

“You were wrong about almost everything, you are still wrong now,” she wrote on Twitter.

The Culture Secretary has accused Hunt of failing to prepare for the Covid-19 pandemic when he was Health Secretary under Prime Minister David Cameron.

“Your pandemic preparedness for six years as health secretary was found to be insufficient and inadequate,” she said. “Your duplicity at this time to destabilize the party and the country to serve your own personal ambition, more so.”

The vote of no confidence was orchestrated by a small number of MPs, Dorries told Sky News.

When Jeremy Hunt says it’s time for a change, he means “it’s time for him,” she added.

If Johnson gets a majority of one, “that’s enough to move on,” she said.

It is “utterly bizarre”, she said, that a “small number of MPs can overrule the will of the people”.

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