Kmart Australia buyer’s new warning to air fryer fans after ‘secret crack’ causes burns

A Kmart The customer issued a warning to fans of air fryers after an incident caused burns to his partner’s hands and feet.

Victorian customer James claims a crack in the handle of his 5.3L Kmart Air Fryer unexpectedly drops the tray and basket when removed from the appliance.

James said the burns to her partner’s hands and feet “formed immediately” as she tried to prevent the hot tray and basket – which had just been used – from falling to the floor.

A spokesperson for Kmart said the store was investigating the incident.

Talk to, James said he wanted sensitize with other air fryer users – pointing out that cracks in the handle could be hard to see, but had serious consequences.

“It wasn’t until that happened that I took a closer look at the handle and saw the crack,” James said.

James didn’t realize the crack was there until the worrying incident. Credit: Provided

“It’s easy to miss and unless you check your grip it could be disaster on the way. I’m afraid it could happen to someone else.

“Anyone could get a crack like this hiding in their deep fryer without even realizing it. It could be really dangerous.

“Our cats are often under our feet and they could have been injured if the basket fell on them. And if someone with a young child was in the same situation, they could be hurt too. “

Photos of James’ damaged grip show a crack on the top.

Usually the user of the air fryer has to press a button above the handle to release the basket. However, James said the crack prevented the button from working, so the basket fell unexpectedly.

He said the device had only been used moderately, had never been overloaded or mishandled, and had performed well until the incident.

“It happened just before Boxing Day,” he said.

“My partner was cooking hash browns and once they were cooked she took the basket out of the appliance and the tray fell on the spot.

James wants air fryer users to check their device for any cracks in the handle.
James wants air fryer users to check their device for any cracks in the handle. Credit: Provided

“Usually you have to press a button, but the basket fell by itself. The button was unnecessary.

“She tried to grab it, it was a shock. The burns on her hands and the tops of her feet immediately swelled.

“I’m glad she didn’t catch it or the burns would have been a lot worse.”

James praised Kmart’s response to the incident, saying the retail giant offered a quick resolution and demonstrated a caring approach.

“They were concerned about my partner’s injuries right away and followed up to make sure she was okay,” he said.

“They offered us a replacement, but I was worried something like that would happen again and I refused. In the end, I received store credit.

James said he was concerned that another air fryer user could be injured.

James said you usually have to press that button to release the basket, but the crack did
James said you usually have to press this button to release the basket, but the crack caused the basket to “fall” without warning. Credit: Provided

“I want to know what steps are being taken to make sure this doesn’t happen again and the product is in good condition,” he said.

“A lot [people] I wouldn’t realize how hot the baskets and underside of the air fryer can get. It is really, really hot and can be dangerous when something like this happens.

Kmart responds

A Kmart spokesperson told that the store is investigating the allegations.

“At Kmart, we are committed to protecting the health and safety of all of our products,” said the spokesperson.

“We take this commitment very seriously and are currently in direct contact with the customer to further investigate this matter. “

James praised Kmart's response to this problem.
James praised Kmart’s response to this problem. Credit: Facebook

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