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If you’ve seen Netflix’s Outer Banks, you perceive the simple chemistry between Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) and John B (Chase Stokes). As followers are used to doing with fictitious relationships, many viewers have started to view the actors portraying the couple as a real-life relationship.

Outer Banks followers wish to know: Does Cline have a boyfriend?

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Followers thought Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes were dating

Throughout Season 1 of Outer Banks, the onscreen chemistry between Stokes and Cline is evident. The present tells the story of John B, a Pogue from the poor part of the city, who goes on a treasure hunt to find $ 400 million in gold. Along with the best way, he falls in love with a wealthy woman, Sarah Cameron, who longs for a life apart from wealth and privilege. Having become a member of John B in her quest for the royal service provider’s gold, Sarah Cameron falls in love and ultimately chooses a boy over her father.

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Stokes and Cline completely capture the plummeting teens within the collection. Their on-screen chemistry has left many followers wishing the 2 were a pair in real life.

Chase Stokes reveals love on Instagram

Stokes is an extremely supportive co-star. He usually comments on Cline’s Instagram posts. There was one remark in particular that the followers sent were tottering. When Cline shared a photo from her photo shoot for the 1883 Journal, Stokes commented, “Heart rate… decreases… helps. Relationship rumors started to flow, so Stokes said once again, “Dude, I really stirred the pot here, haven’t I?”

Stokes’ opening remark was harmless enough, but let fans learn a lot about one thing. His genuine remark was not substantial evidence to show any type of romance between him and Cline. Apparently he’s just a good friend supporting his co-star’s artistic endeavor.

Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes live together

The coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is sheltering everyone, including the forgers of the Outer Banks. Stokes currently resides in Cline’s house, with his castmate Drew Starkey, who plays Sarah’s older brother Rafe in the collection. Cline and Stokes spoke to E-Information, explaining their option to be quarantined with each other and saying it was higher than being alone. Their cohabitation scenario has led many followers to speculate that the 2 could turn into a pair as the stay-at-home orders are lifted, but that remains to be confirmed.

Is Madelyn Cline in a relationship?

Whatever rumors have been circulating about Cline and Stokes’ relationship, she is currently single, according to PopBuzz. The chemistry she shares with her co-star is there, but offscreen the 2 are just good friends. While they would make a lovely couple, until the two actors confirm a romantic relationship, the two are just supportive co-stars who have loved sharing each other’s success.

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Fortuitously, fans will be able to share their fair proportion of the two romances in another Outer Banks season. While a second season has yet to be confirmed by Netflix, showrunner Jonas Pate has already started writing another season of Outer Banks. Pate and his collaborators Josh Pate and Shannon Burke envisioned the show to be a “four-season novel,” which could sooner or later involve tons of John B and Sarah Cameron.

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