Is Jamie Collins in good shape after the Lions’ surprise exit?

There’s no two ways about it: Linebacking is a huge issue for Washington right now. Jon Bostic and Cole Holcomb are huge cover liabilities, and they haven’t been much better against the run.

If Washington fans had their choice, Holcomb would see the pitch more than Bostic, who has a rancid 30.7 overall rating of Pro Football Focus through four matches. We didn’t even know PFF’s scoring system was that low.

Holcomb has been much more consistent. Jamin Davis, meanwhile, is learning on the job, although he has yet to record an instant 60% share in any game so far. This suggests that the coaching staff are not quite ready to let go.

At the end of the line ? Washington needs the help of a linebacker. Luckily for them, the Lions officially released Jamie Collins last week after they tried (and failed) to exchange it.

This means Collins is free to sign with any NFL team. With that in mind, would the former Pro Bowler suit Washington?

Jamie Collins would be a solid signing for the Washington football team

Collins isn’t your prototypical MIKE linebacker, but it’s worth noting that he has totaled over 100 tackles four times in his career. We know tackles don’t define the impact of an LB, but it’s a big part of their job and Washington linebackers have been brutal in the tackling department, especially in the open field.

Plus, Collins has been dominant against the run this season. It’s only a small sample size, but the 31-year-old ranked PFF’s seventh-best running defenseman (rating 79.8) among linebackers for three weeks. Heading into Sunday’s game against Atlanta, the soccer team placed 25th in rushing yards allowed per game.

We’re not saying Collins would solve all of Washington’s problems, but his strengths certainly match their weaknesses, right? He’s also capable of lashing out at the quarterback, as evidenced by his 25.5 career sacks and 51 QB hits.

Collins isn’t as proven on the cover as we’d like, but Holcomb and Davis can pick up the slack. The main focus here is to phase out Bostic from the starting lineup, which could happen anyway if the pectoral injury he suffered against the Falcons on Sunday is as bad as reports suggest.

Even better news for Washington is that Collins has to pay the Lions fully guaranteed $ 8.8 million ($ 5 million bonus, $ 3.8 million salary) to the Lions this season. This might make him more open to signing a windfall-type deal and proving it.

Ceiling space is not an issue for Washington – they currently have have the eighth plus from any team in the league to $ 14.08 million, by Spotrac. However, which team doesn’t like to save money on a mid-season signing?

Seriously, who says no? We certainly wouldn’t, but Washington had better act quickly as Collins’s market numbers heat up with Week 4 in the rearview mirror.

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