Is it illegal to leave your child alone in the car in droves?

As a child, I hated shopping with my mom. She always took way too long to walk the aisles to buy things that were not on her list.

I mean, we were kids, we didn’t want to spend a Monday after school shopping, bro.

So if memory serves, we were about 8 or 9 years old when my mom decided to let us “wait in the car” while she went shopping. I don’t know, maybe we were 10 or 11 …

But what about something that only takes 5 minutes? Like, just walk into the convenience store? Do you leave your 5 year old in the car? I mean, just lock the door, right?

While other states have restrictions on this, such as age, outside temperature, or the age of other people in the car. These factors all play a role, but not in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts has no laws against leaving children unattended in cars.

So, technically, it’s not against the law to leave a child unattended in the car in Massachusetts.

I can see the temptation, you stop in front of an all-glass convenience store in front, you only enter for a minute, you see your child through the window even if your car is locked …

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