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Because the world is too much with us, today we choose to celebrate the humanitarian, hero, mensch and chef José Andrés, who, with his extraordinary World Central Kitchen, served more than 100 million meals to besieged Ukrainians – in bunkers, at the border, in their houses often isolated and strewn with rubble. With its indiscriminate and pointed destruction of ports, borders and food supply chains, Andres charges, Putin’s war of pride also quickly became “a war on food.” In response, WCK created the largest humanitarian effort in Ukraine, with an “army of kindness” – thousands of volunteers food fighters both local and international – producing over 300,000 meals a day in 350 kitchens across Ukraine. The Chiefs for Ukraine carry out a three-pronged operation: feeding refugees in neighboring countries to which many Ukrainian women and children have fled – Poland, Hungary, Slovakia – activating hundreds of kitchens in cities across the war-torn country to feed those left behind , and storing and transporting food so communities can cook for themselves. In the process, Andres declared marking his 100 millionth meal served, they’re “elevating people – all of a sudden, food becomes hope. The road can be rough: at Easter, one of their kitchens was destroyed by a missile, injuring several people; Andres appeared in a video, alternately dark and full of hope, to note, “The best of humanity appears in the midst of the worst of humanity.” However, for him, the fight always goes through food. “We do the only thing we know,” he says. “FBad food is just a band-aid, but sometimes a plate of food is also the start of a better future. Hope against hope. Send money to these people and already give this man a Nobel Peace Prize.

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