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Editor’s Pick I-Connect007: Five Must-Read This Week

Once again, like clockwork, controversy erupts. This is such a divisive question, and it seems that no one can be undecided in this debate; each of us must take a stand. All of society, including the media, asks, “Which side are you on?

It is also interesting to see the demographic trends: men vs women, cultural background, age, white collar or blue collar. Me? I’m just not interested in the shot. I mean, I can take it or leave it. I don’t want to be pressured into choosing sides either. Still, it’s fascinating to know who is behind a lightning rod problem like… whether to opt for the pumpkin spice booster in our coffee drinks.

You do you. I totally agree with anything you want; but don’t expect me to give up my ambivalent neutrality.

This week’s news, however, is not as forked in its appeal. I could easily have compiled a top 10 list; it’s been a topical week. So, take advantage of these five choices, but I encourage you to take some extra time to reread all of the news from the past week. You will not regret it.

North American PCB industry sales increase 5.3% in August
Posted on September 24

While July’s book-to-bill was in record territory, August’s metric soared even higher. IPC Chief Economist Shawn DuBravac comments on the numbers. As always, DuBravac’s insight into industry leading indicators and trackers is both valuable and popular.

SIA welcomes White House meeting on semiconductor supply chain
Posted on September 24

From the article:

“Federal investment in semiconductor research has remained stable as a percentage of GDP, while other governments have invested significantly in research initiatives to build their own semiconductor capabilities, and incentives Existing US taxes for R&D are lagging behind those of other countries. In addition, vulnerabilities in the global semiconductor supply chain have emerged in recent years and need to be addressed through government investments in chip manufacturing and research.

The CHIPS for America Act, enacted by Congress in NDAA 2021, will have a significant effect on electronics manufacturing in the United States, it’s no surprise you are all following this news.

24 Essential Skills For Engineers: The Story Behind The Book
Posted on September 30

I had the honor of interviewing Happy Holden about his new book, 24 essential skills for engineers, and you, dear readers, have done Happy the honor of accompanying us as Happy painted in the background behind this new title. If you haven’t downloaded your copy yet, I highly recommend it; if you’re ambivalent about it (like me and pumpkin spice) then i bet the interview will motivate you. You understand; enjoy!

North American EMS industry down 3.2% in August
Posted on September 24

The CPI EMS Company Performance Report shows a drop in shipments in August, but an increase in the book-to-bill. IPC Chief Economist Shawn DuBravac notes: “During the month we also saw a resumption of shipments, an encouraging sign that manufacturers will be able to meet their growing order backlog. Read more details here, in this article

Cogiscan and iTAC to Showcase SMT Factory Scanning Solutions at Productronica
Posted on September 28

Press releases announcing news from the show this week have attracted a noticeable increase in readership across the board. To represent this whole category, I selected this ad for productronica to remind us that our global industry is reappearing in all corners of the world. There are plenty of other trade show announcements this week, so it’s worth browsing all of our news feeds for the companies you follow closely. There is plenty of news to be had.

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