Carnex Announces Strategic Focus on Electric Vehicles, Positioning to Become a Leading Supplier in the EV Space

Toronto, ON, Canada, Jan. 17, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —, a leading vehicle e-commerce platform, is pleased to announce its official strategic transition into the electric vehicle (EV) resale market.

The transition will allow to buy and sell used electric vehicles. As Canada’s first electric vehicle-only e-commerce platform, Founder and CEO Bruce Wu said, “As nations race to transform their energy sector to reduce carbon emissions, Renewables will play a central role in the future economy, with electric vehicles being a crucial element. option for consumers.

As part of the transition, implemented a seamless online experience for customers to review the vehicles they want and make purchases, just as they might purchase other consumer products online. Customers can view vehicle performance images and specifications from the comfort of their own home, allowing them to make an informed purchase without the need to visit in person. In addition, Carnex will provide after-sales services specifically tailored to electric vehicles, including test drive, charging products and services, electric vehicle accessories, educational and technical support.

In recent years, advanced digital cockpits and connected vehicle networks of electric vehicles have received great acceptance from consumers. But these features tend to come at a steep price, presenting a high entry bar. Through the transition, Bruce aims to reduce the cost barrier of electric vehicles, allowing all Canadians to enjoy the benefits they provide and strengthening efforts to protect the environment.

Bruce became an entrepreneur in the vehicle market after graduating from university in Ontario. Now with over eight years of experience, he noticed a significant problem in the EV aftermarket in Canada.

“Tesla does not have a franchised dealer network in Canada, resulting in insufficient aftermarket support,” Bruce noted. “Most of the major electric vehicle manufacturers such as Tesla, RIVIAN, LUCID and NIO still use a direct sales approach to their customers. Carnex hopes to fill this service gap.

Currently, Carnex has a core team of more than ten industry experts with rich experience in automotive and e-commerce platforms. As online vehicle shopping is increasingly embraced by consumers, Carnex hopes to provide a comprehensive shopping experience for Canadians, both online and offline.

The internet has become the primary channel for vehicle transactions and the industry is taking notice. Recent successes include Soft Bank’s US$360 million investment in Carro in its Series C funding in June 2021 and US$67.7 million investment in the auction startup of Motorway vehicles.

About Carnex is Canada’s leading e-commerce platform for used electric vehicles, headquartered in Toronto, Ontario. Its senior management team has specialized in the automotive industry for more than ten years, mainly in China, which is home to the world’s largest market for electric vehicles. Carnex’s monthly revenue currently exceeds over C$1 million. Its management recognized that the potential market for EVs is huge, as more and more customers seek high-quality, environmentally friendly EV products and services. Therefore, the founders want to enable everyone to access the convenience and benefits of electric vehicles. To that end, is committed to providing customers with electric vehicle knowledge, as well as meeting consumer needs with after-sales service capabilities, such as electric vehicle test drives; technical consultations, while for its local customers in Canada, they also offer a selection of cars online; online loans; online replacement; and home car delivery.

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