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Britons are furious after a former Irish politician called the UK an “international joke”.

Fergus Finlay, former chief executive of the Barnardos charity in Ireland, has been criticized for suggesting the British leadership would be seen as “an international joke” over its decision to sever ties with the EU.

In a scathing rant for the Irish Examiner, he said Britain’s decision to break away from the bloc had seen him go from ‘a recognized world leader to an inward-looking, claustrophobic and closed-in version of his old self” in no time. of years.

Reader Express Minotaurus responded, saying: “He’s the irrelevant. UK is leading by example with Ukraine, rather than sending blood money to Russia.

“Covid was another great example of where Britain stands in the world. This guy is bitter. Keep your nose out, mate.”

Another Express reader said: “Size of UK economy before Brexit 5th/6th in the world, size of UK economy in 2021 post Brexit 5th in the world.

“The UK’s position on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, welcomed by Zelensky and denounced by Russia.

Other leading EU countries lambasted by Zelensky for their stance on funding the Russian war machine with energy imports…

“Yes, Fergus Finlay and all of you, Brexit is a disaster for the UK – it is dying and a laughing stock on the world stage. Well, in your bitter fantasies anyway.”

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