Bayern president challenges PSG for violation of FFP

Bayern Munich president lashed out at Champions League rivals PSG, saying he was unsure how they were following UEFA’s financial fair play rules after the club’s busy summer on the transfer market.

Speaking on SportsBild – Bayern’s internal club podcast – Herbert Hainer opened his curiosity about the Paris club’s affairs this summer with signings such as Lionel Messi and Sergio Ramos, among others, requiring high salaries.

Herbert Hainer watches from the stands.

“” As PSG are currently in the process of modernizing, we will be looking very closely at how this can be reconciled with UEFA rules. We stick to it, then we expect other clubs to do the same. I don’t judge Paris too quickly, but the purchasing policy is already enormous. It’s not the transfer fee, it’s the salaries. “

You can understand his point. While Bayern Munich have kept things tight in the transfer window and other teams across Europe suffer a similar situation, it looks like PSG’s business has gone under the radar somewhat, signing players for nominal fees or free transfers.

“When I hear that Messi earns 40million euros (£ 34million / $ 47million) net, that makes 80million euros (£ 69million / $ 94million) gross. , [Achraf] Hakimi, Ramos, Donnarumma – a lot of things come together. “

The whole debate around FFP will continue, with UEFA quashing rumors it will be rejected, confirming earlier this year that it is “not going anywhere”.

Ramos at PSG is revealed this summer.
Ramos at PSG is revealed this summer.

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