Apple Daily to relaunch under new name as calls for review continue

  • By Liu Tzu-hsuan / Editor, with CNA

Singaporean entrepreneur Joseph Phua (潘杰賢) said yesterday he would launch a new publication with 96% of the original staff of Apple Daily (Taiwan), as critics continued to call for government scrutiny .

Phua, founder of streaming platform 17Live, held a press conference yesterday to announce the creation of Next Apple News.

Phua agreed not to use the brand, website and assets of Apple Daily (Taiwan), and would not have access to personal information.

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He also promised Next Apple News would maintain neutrality and abide by the law.

The Apple Daily (Taiwan) website — Apple Online — released a statement yesterday saying it would stop updating content from 11:59 p.m. today.

Apple Daily (Taiwan) said it was sorry it had to bid farewell to its readers due to a lack of working capital, but added that Next Apple News would continue to bear the same responsibility of exposing societal injustices. .

He also invited people of different ideologies to share their advice with the new company.

“Each piece of your review will motivate Next Apple News to do better as it has for Apple Daily (Taiwan) for the past 19 years,” the statement read.

Meanwhile, the Union for Economic Democracy yesterday asked Apple Daily (Taiwan) to destroy its information and draw up regulations regarding how personal information would be handled after the company shut down.

He also called on the Ministry of Culture to oversee the process.

Apple Daily (Taiwan) said in a statement on Wednesday last week that personal data will be archived for five to seven years before being destroyed, its tax and tax information will be archived for five to 10 years before being destroyed, and that its subscriber and member data, as well as its news material, would be archived forever.

The union said archiving is different from destruction, so manipulation by Apple Daily (Taiwan) could potentially violate Paragraph 3, Article 11 of the Personal Data Protection Act (個人資料保護法) .

He would continue to monitor whether Phua and Next Apple News engaged in illegal practices or harmed Taiwanese democracy, he added.

Additional reporting by Chen Yu-fu

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