$ 300 Billion Tesla Is A Much Smaller Company Than Apple, Amazon Has Been To This Point, Says Morgan Stanley | Zoom Fintech

Tesla Inc.
is attracting “higher levels of enthusiasm” from buyers because of its “demonstrated and perceived technological dominance,” Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas said in a statement Tuesday. Jonah vs. Tesla at a valuation of $ 300 billion, a milestone reached last week, with Apple Inc.
$ 300 billion, which the Cupertino, Calif., company crossed in early 2011, and Amazon.com Inc.
to $ 300 billion, reached in late 2015. Tesla is a “considerably smaller company” than the two companies at the time, and Tesla’s market capitalization cap shows a “large valuation premium” over when Apple and Amazon have reached the same market. value, he said. Tesla’s revenue is less than half that of Apple at the time of the $ 300 billion milestone, and 70% less than that of Amazon at the Amazon market value milestone, Jonas said. Certain S&P 500 indices
+ 0.31%
market ratios are immediately higher, which is part of Tesla’s valuation premium, he said. Tesla is expected to release second quarter results on Wednesday after the bell, with Wall Street consensus calling for a loss. Still, some buyers are hoping the Silicon Valley automaker will shock the markets with GAAP revenue and be on its option to eventually be included in the S&P 500 index.

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