2021 wage subsidy program differs from last year: Minister of Manpower

Jakarta (ANTARA) – Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah has drawn attention to several differences between the wage subsidy program (BSU) in 2021 and that of the previous year.

“There were at least three differences from the BSU last year,” Fauziyah said in a press release in Jakarta on Wednesday.

The first difference concerns the criteria for BSU beneficiaries, in particular on the salary or salary limit, the region and the sector of work concerned.

Fauziyah noted that the 2021 BSU will target those with a maximum salary of Rs 3.5 million per month. For workers in regions with a regional minimum wage (UMR) above 3.5 million rupees, the wage will be rounded to the nearest hundred thousand.

For example, for a UMR of Rp 4,416,185 in Jakarta, it will be rounded to Rp 4.5 million.

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“With regard to the aspect of regional borders, the workers entitled to BSU are those who work in the PPKM level 3 and level 4 zones set by the government, as stipulated in annex I to regulation number 16 of 2021 from the Ministry of Manpower, ”she explained.

This year’s BSU is a priority for workers operating in the consumer goods industry, transportation, miscellaneous industries, real estate, and trade and services, except education and health services.

“Meanwhile, last year, the maximum salary for BSU beneficiaries was 5 million rupees, and there were no regional or sectoral restrictions,” Fauziyah said.

The second criterion involves the amount of funds the BSU recipient will receive this year, reaching 1 million rupees for two months, which is different from last year’s face figure totaling 2.4 million rupees for four months.

The last aspect concerns the distribution patterns, in particular in the accounts of BSU beneficiaries. All the money will be channeled through public enterprise banks (Himbara), such as BRI, BNI, BTN and Mandiri. Last year, the disbursement of BSU funds was made through the personal accounts of BSU beneficiaries.

The minister is optimistic that this year’s distribution of BSU would run smoothly, help workers with declining incomes and spur economic growth.

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