First think about the location of the cottage. Are there interesting places nearby? Is the forest near? If there are slopes nearby, you have won. You can rent the cottage in summer and winter and earn more.

Prepare the cottage for rent


In order to spend their holidays in the cottage and strangers, they must look a bit. Try making small cosmetics to help the overall look:

Lock your personal belongings on the ground and arrange the equipment nicely. Wait for the sun to shine outside and shoot the interiors. You can also invite a friend who can do more with the camera, because good photos matter a lot.

Let vacationers know about the cottage

Let vacationers know about the cottage

All you need is simple web templates that you don’t have to pay for. However, keep in mind that the top places in the search show more established guest houses and cottages.

Bring the leaflets to the information center

Go to your local information center and let them know you are staying. They can recommend you to visitors. Also leave your leaflets there.

Register on the portal


The safest way to get clients is to register on portals that specialize in arranging private accommodation.


  • the largest Czech server with cottages with an average daily attendance of 9,000 people,
  • interested parties contact you directly and you decide if you want to accommodate them,
  • you do not pay commissions for accommodated guests, only annual fee 380 – 780 CZK.


  • Clients can arrange accommodation directly with you.
  • you pay an annual fee of 300 CZK

If you want to know more on how to generate more income in renting cottages just browse our website. Share your ideas on how to increase income through renting cottages. We are glad to hear from you. Thank You and God bless!