Getting out of debt is a prime step for you not to keep your committed income month after month and to bear high interest rates – even more so when we talk about those applied by banks and credit card companies – that can easily double your debt.


In addition, this is the only way to no longer have the name protested in a notary’s office and to be disenrolled from credit protection agencies (Good Lender) to regain a positive track record in the market.

Pay bills on time

Pay bills on time

In addition to putting an end to your debts, start paying your bills on time . Remember that frequent delays do not just generate financial burdens. On the contrary, depending on the financial institution, it is possible to reduce its limits and even temporary blocking of the credit card and the balance in the current account.

It is worth emphasizing that care should be redoubled when you decide to take out credit, such as a loan or a financing, since legal charges and attachment of assets may occur in case of non-compliance with the signed agreement.

Learn to save money

Learn to save money

Out to review your financial habits and have a healthier relationship with money, it is of utmost importance that you put into practice some changes in your routine in order to save more and more. Many of these are very simple things that can positively impact your budget. Are you curious? Well take note!

Search for the lowest priced establishments


Do a search to find the lowest priced establishments near your home . This is important because it ensures that when you need a product or service, you shop at the place that offers the best value for money . This measure is valid for supermarkets, pet shops, bakeries, hortifrutis, clothing stores, pharmacies etc.

Also, make sure that these spaces also offer promotions , seasonal offers , exclusive discounts , and reward or loyalty programs, especially for those frequent customers. Thus, you can enjoy more advantages off the rebate in prices.

Make more free programs

Nothing more useful to save money than to run free programs . After all, you relax after a week of hard work, enjoy quality time with family and friends, and do some hobbies without having to spend extra money .

For this, it is enough that you look for such options in cultural centers , art fairs and sports clubs and accompany the programming of musical , gastronomic , commemorative and related events of your city in outdoor areas (such as squares, parks, beaches etc. .).

Make investments

Make investments

Last but not least, make investments. That’s because so far we have brought many suggestions on how to save for you to achieve your goals. But just saving is not enough . Keep in mind that this is the slowest and most idle way to raise money and get extra income – if you save and save a monthly amount on savings, for example.

Ideally, you should expand your options and offer options that offer not only different interest rates but also different levels of risk (conservative, moderate and bold) and term for liquidity (short, medium and long term).

In the market, there is no shortage of options for this, such as LCI, CDB, real estate investment funds, government bonds, etc. Therefore, it is worth having the guidance of a broker or a financial institution to help you in this process.

Now that you know how to better understand your spending , set up financial planning, and even know the most effective practices to save and change your habits, you’ll see that saving and building equity is far from impossible. All it takes is a joint effort with your family, commitment and especially self-discipline to achieve financial stability .

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